We establish MC STEM ACADEMY and develop sustainable STEM education projects with around 70 schools.

MCEHK has been publishing textbooks and curriculum resources for Science, Mathematics and Computing for years. With our expertise in these subjects, MCEHK has developed a STEM curriculum that adopts an inter-disciplinary approach. was formed with professors and lecturers from universities, front-line principals, teachers and experienced practitioners. Its programmes aim to build students’ scientific mind-set and creativity, which help them become future innovators.

To support such an initiative, MC STEM Academy formed its advisory group in early 2016. The advisory group comprises leading education professors and practitioners in Science, Mathematics and Technology education, and help steer our STEM curriculum design and professional development.

List of Advisers in alphabetical order:

  • Dr. Daricks Wai-hong CHAN

    Department of Mathematics and Information Technology,
    The Education University of Hong Kong

  • Dr. Ray Chak-chung CHEUNG

    Associate Professor,
    Department of Electronic Engineering,
    City University of Hong Kong

  • Ms. Wai-ching CHEUNG

    St Bonaventure Catholic Primary School,
    UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Experimental Schools in China

  • Mr. Edwin Chi-cheung CHING

    Assistant Principal,
    Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School

  • Mr. Gyver Kwok-leung LAU

    Association of Science and Mathematics Education HK Principal;
    Chinese YMCA College

  • Mr. Andy LI

    Curriculum Leader,
    PLK Dr Jimmy Wong Chi-ho (Tin Sum Valley) Primary School

  • Mr. Mang SHE

    Former Chief Curriculum Development Officer (IT in Education),
    Education Bureau HKSAR

  • Dr. Winnie Wing-mui SO

    Associate Dean,
    Graduate School;
    Department of Science and Environmental Studies;
    Centre for Education in Environmental Sustainability,
    The Education University of Hong Kong

  • Mr. Albert Kin-wai WONG

    Association of IT Leaders in Education